About us

The Texas Gymnastics Conference (TGC) is an organization of men’s and women’s gymnastics clubs, which is organized and run by college students. The TGC facilitates a season of competitive meets among its members every year ending with the TGC Conference Championships. TGC member clubs also compete in the National Association of Intercollegiate Gymnastics Clubs (NAIGC) National Championships every year.

The organization was established in 1979 by UT Arlington graduate/med student Chuck Wilson and Texas A&M graduate/med student Joel Weddington. The conference was initially called the Texas Collegiate Gymnastics Club Conference (TCGCC), and was created to provide an association for competitive gymnasts at the various Texas colleges and universities that did not have scholarship programs. The name has since been shortened to the Texas Gymnastics Conference, and in 2014 the conference has been expanded to include clubs in Oklahoma and Louisiana, but the initial objective of Wilson and Weddington has remained the driving force behind the TGC. Now with over 10 member clubs, the TGC is looking to continue to grow and promote collegiate club gymnastics.