At Conference Championships, the Lady Aggies and Sooner Men Emerge Undefeated

Tommy Trompeter and Madi Fletcher take Top Spots

March 29, 2015

Yesterday the TGC teams faced off once more for the final showdown of the conference season. Emerging undefeated on the women's side were the Texas A&M Aggies, claiming 17 spots on the podium. Taking the All Around title was A&M gymnast Madeline Fletcher, making her first claim to the distinction for the season. Madi also placed third on Vault and Floor, and took home the gold on the Balance Beam. On the other events, Aggie Hannah Van Meter took home the Uneven Bars title while Longhorn Tori Klabunde took first on Vault and Floor.

On the men's side, the University of Oklahoma also took home the team title making them undefeated for the season as well as Sooner Will Knox took home titles on Pommels and the Parallel Bars, while teammate Tyson Campbell ties A&M's Jake Zenker for gold on the Floor Exercise. Zenker's teammate and Team Captain Andrew Archer took home the Vault title from Runner-Up Tommy Trompeter. Trompeter, the TGC star at UT Dallas took home the High Bar and Rings titles, paving the way for him to reclaim his all around title.

As the 37th year of TGC competition comes to a close, and over 100 Unique competitors, we look back at the teams that made it out to competition this year and recognize them for all their hard work and dedication:

  • Texas A&M University
  • The University of Texas at Dallas
  • The University of Texas at Austin
  • The University of Texas at Arlington
  • The University of Houston
  • Texas State University
  • Texas Christian University
  • Baylor University
  • McMurray University
  • Texas Tech University
  • The University of Oklahoma

Although the conference season may be over, the competitors aren't done yet. The teams are gearing up for one last showdown on April 9th as they attend the NAIGC Nationals competition in Philadelphia, PA. With 1100 competitors from 31 different states representing over 80 schools, the TGC is ready for a fierce competition. Both the Texas A&M Aggies and the UT Longhorns are tied - for both Men's and Women's NAIGC National Championship titles, giving both of the rival schools the distinction of having the more team awards than anyone else and putting the TGC at the top of the nation. For more information, please see the NAIGC Nationals web page.

Hook'em, and Gig'em! You can send your favourite teams your best wishes by liking and supporting them on their Facebook pages, which can be found on the teams link to the left.

Bears Win in Battle Against the Fighting Frogs

Baylor Comes Out Ahead of TCU in Abilene

March 22, 2015

Tech, Baylor and TCU
With their public school rivals on spring break, the two private institutions faced off this past weekend in Abilene. The Bears finished first, with Julia Stricklin placing first on the Uneven Bars and Balance Beam. Competing as an individual, Red Raider Bethany Pryde took home the remaining event titles, securing her victory in the All Around.

On the men's side, the individual competition saw six all-arounders go head to head. Taking home more titles, UT Dallas' Tommy Trompeter picked up gold on Pommels, Rings, Vault and the All around competition, with Baylor gymnast David McDonald on the Horizontal and Parallel Bars. McMurry University's Justin Powers took home the floor title - which he previously has held multiple times at the national level.

The TGC faces off one more time next weekend in San Marcos, TX for the Conference Championship. Details of the competition are posted in the schedule page. Be sure to come out and cheer on your favorite schools as they face off for the conference title.

Aggies Hold on to Victory over the Longhorns at Home

Sooners win again as Longhorn Star Bryce Cashell Makes His Way Back to the Top

March 08, 2015

The TGC travelled to College station once again to meet the Aggies at home. In a narrow margin, the Aggies held on to their previous title, scoring silver in the team award. With only one tenth to spare, the Aggies stopped the rival Longhorns from taking the silver against the gold winning Sooners. Sooner Will Knox swept most of the gold, taking the title on the Pommels, Rings and Parallel Bars. Sooner teammate Giovannni Rossani took the Horizontal Bar and Tyson Campbell won the Floor Exercise, and Andrew Archer won Vault for the Aggies.

Taking the top spot in All Around this weekend was Longhorn Bryce Cashell.

Having competed as an undergraduate for Odessa, Austin Community College and Texas State University, Bryce Cashell entered his college career on three back to back state High School All Around Championships. The three time NAIGC National Collegiate Vault Champion is back one more time while he completes graduate school.

On the Women's side, Madison Haran took home gold on the Uneven Bars and Floor, solidifying her All Around Victory. Fellow Aggie Caci Jarvis won the Balance Beam as the Unstoppable Aggies secure their 4th victory of the season.

Haley Poinsette

Since the TGC Championship meet in April of 2011, the Lady Aggies have gone Undefeated in conference for 18 competitions with no end in sight. The Lady Aggies claimed the national title in 2009, 10, 11, and 13, helping them gain the 2013 distinction of the first club to win both the Men's and Women's NAIGC National titles in the same year.

This weekend also saw an old TGC club gain a renewed appearance, as the University of Houston's Haley Poinsette claimed the top Spot on Vault. Houston last competed with the TGC in 2011.

Missing from the action this weekend were Texas Christian University and Baylor University, both of whom are enjoying the beginnings of their spring break. Conversely, with the public school's spring breaks a week later, the two private institutions are geared up for a head to head competition with each other in Abilene, on March 21st.

Red Raider Recap

Results from the Texas Tech Invitational

Feb ruary 22, 2015

The TGC Travelled to Lubbock, Texas this weekend to take on the Red Raiders. On the men's side, Andrew Archer once again took the all around spot for the Aggies, with help from gold on the Floor and Parallel Bars, and stopped the Sooners from a six event sweep. The Pommel Horse and Rings titles were taken by Sooner Will Knox, while teammates Tyson Campbell and Giovanni Rossani took Vault and the Horizontal Bar, helping to lead them to another team title. Short on a full team, the Aggies couldn't stop long time rival UT Austin from taking their second place title away as they both fell short of beating the unstoppable Sooner juggernaut.

On the women's side, A&M continued their undefeated streak and swept up all the gold as Madison Haran took Vault and Floor, with Hannah Van Meter taking Bars and Madeline Fletcher on Beam.

Valentines Victories for A&M

UT Dallas Hosts It's First Competition

Feb ruary 15, 2015

An infant compared to it's century-plus old sister institution in Austin, The University of Texas at Dallas, founded by UT Austin Alumnus Ryan Huffer in 2010, hosted it's first competition this past weekend.

Bryce Cashell
Upsetting the season long winning streak of rival UT Dallas gymnast Tommy Trompeter, A&M's Andrew Archer took home the gold in the Men's All Around competition. Archer, who took home titles on Parallel Bars, Vault, and Rings, beat out Trompeter, who won the remaining events, by only a narrow 5 hundredths of a point. Coming up third and fourth in the All Around were UT Austin's Bryce Cashell and Mudeer Habeeb. A&M took the team title for a second time, with UT Austin moving past their sister school into second place, just under the Aggies.

Tommy Trompeter

In the women's competition, A&M continues to take the team title - with Madison Haran regaining her Beam title and picking up first on Vault for a top spot in the All Around. On Floor, University of Texas first year TGC Gymnast Jackie Holland soared past the four of her Aggie rivals to claim the floor title, and A&M's Katie Hansen won the Uneven Bar competition, with her teammates Hannah Van Meter, Madison Haran, and Madeline Fletcher rounding out the top four spots on the bars to A&M.

As the TCU women's team doubled in numbers, formerly active TGC member, The University of Texas at Arlington, dusted off a years long absence with the arrival of Dominic Kotzer.

The TGC gymnasts will meet again in Lubbock on February 21st. For more information, please see our schedule page in the menu to the left.

Weekend Wrapup as the Aggies Win Again

A&M Wins Again as TCU Enters the Fray

Feb ruary 1, 2015

This past weekend the TGC Women competed in Waco, TX at the Baylor hosted competition. The Lady Aggies continued their undefeated-in-conference streak as gymnasts from TCU made their inaugural debut.

Placing 1st on the Uneven Bars, Hannah Van Meter picked up the All Around title, while fellow Aggies Katie Hansen and Caci Jarvis took home gold on the Uneven Bars and Balance Beam. Picking out the top spot on floor was Tori Klabunde from the University of Texas.

In Dallas, Tommy Trompeter once again took all around in the Metroplex Challenge with a gold on the Pommel Horse. From Washington, Justin Rowen took 1st on Vault while Teammate Aaron Moss won the High Bar competition. The TGC's Will Knox from Oklahoma took home the Parallel Bars and Rings titles, while teammate John DeJulio tied on the Floor Exercise with Washington's Nathan Tsuji.

The TGC's next competition will be on Valentines Day, for the first-time-hosted by the University of Texas at Dallas Meet, as a session in the Friendship Invitational.

OU and A&M Dominate at Season Opener

Tommy Trompeter and Madison Haran take All Around

January 25, 2015

On January 24th, Texas A&M University hosted the inaugural meet of the 2014-2015 season. The University of Oklahoma men's team placed first with Tyson Campbell taking home the floor title and Will Knox sweeping on the Rings. In the Men's All Around, UT Dallas' Tommy Trompeter took home the gold, along with the titles for Pommel Horse and the Horizontal Bar. On Vault, A&M's Andrew Archer took home 1st while UT Austin's Mudeer Habeeb took home the Parallel Bars title.

Connor Tobias on the Rings

On the Women's side, Madison Haran swept the competition with the All Around title, with gold medals on Floor and Beam. A&M rounded out the gold with Madeline Fletcher taking home 1st on Vault and Hannah Van Meter on the Uneven Bars.

Eastfield College of Dallas made it's inaugural TGC appearance with a pair of gymnasts, Cameron Callaway and Alex Milner, competing for the Harvesters at their first meet.

Next weekend will be a split location competition for the men and women. The next meets will be held with the Men competing at the Metroplex Challenge on Friday in Dallas, and the Women competing in Waco at the Baylor invitational on Saturday.

Season Opener Jan 24th in College Station

Texas A&M hosts the first meet of the season.

January 16, 2015

On January 24th, Texas A&M University will be hosting the inaugural meet of the 2014-2015 season. For more information on how to attend, please see the schedule page.

The 2014-2015 Season is about to begin!

Texas gymnasts gear up for another exciting year of competition.

January 12, 2015

The 2014-2015 Schedule is here!

Date Meet Location
24 Jan Texas A&M Invitational Texas A&M Campus, College Station, TX
30 Jan Metroplex Challenge (Men Only) Fort Worth, TX
31 Jan Baylor Invitational (Women Only) Zero Gravity Gymnastics, Waco, TX
15 Feb UT Dallas Invitational Dallas, TX
21 Feb Texas Tech Invitational Lubbock, TX
21 Mar Abilene Invitational Abilene, TX
28 Mar TGC Championships College Station, TX
09 Apr NAIGC Nationals Philadelphia, PA

Congratulations to our newest member schools!

The University of Oklahoma and Tulane University join the TGC.

January 10, 2015

The University of Oklahoma and Tulane University have been inducted into the TGC!

Founded 35 years ago, the TGC has been the driving force behind collegiate club gymnastics in the state of Texas. With very limited NCAA opportunities in the state, the TGC has made its mission to improve and promote the sport in the state at a collegiate level. The success of the TGC has allowed gymnasts to continue their passion for the sport and continue to challenge themselves while building memories that will last a lifetime.

This year, the TGC has inducted the University of Oklahoma and Tulane University to join our organization and create those memories with us. As we move forward, our two new members, currently the only club university gymnastics programs in their respective states, will gain more opportunities to participate in competitions and join in our ever growing community.

Welcome to our new website!

We have reinvented our web presence.

January 8, 2015

On behalf of all our members, we would like to welcome you to our new website. The Texas Gymnastics Conference has been growing in the past decade and to help better facilitate our message and better communicate what we are all about, we have given ourselves a facelift, complete with mobile support.

Over the next few months we will be expanding the information on our website, adding new sections and more history, photos, videos and media. Stay Tuned!